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Silestone® white colour, a perfect, reliable combination

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Silestone®, the world leader in the quartz surface sector with over 25 years’ experience in the national and international market, is always notable for its constant innovation when developing the best aesthetic solutions to adapt to tendencies on every market.

Along these lines, the colour white is the eternal predilection of the world of decorating; no matter how much trends change, pure white finishes remain and cannot fail to please in any architectural project. Perhaps this is a matter of tradition and culture, maybe it is the mere act of creating sensations of purity and peace, or simply it is because many people do not think of it as just a colour, but as a way of life. Whatever the reason, the truth is that, in any style, design or proposal, the white option is always pleasing, due to the result it projects in itself and because of the infinite combinations available to professionals and end users.

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Observing this pattern, the Cosentino Group firmly supports this immortal decorative option, offering different shades of white on the Silestone® colour pallet. Looking back over the successes of the past quarter of a century, it is indeed a white tone that has been the best selling colour in the entire history of the the Spanish firm. Silestone® Blanco Zeus is currently the star colour, and the protagonist in kitchens around the world. Thanks to its fine grain, its pure white finish certainly offers a spectacular and unique beauty.

With its great capacity for innovation, the Cosentino Group has managed to exceed even the brilliant whiteness of its popular Blanco Zeus with the recent launch of Silestone® Iconic White, the purest, brightest and most dazzling white currently available in the quartz surfaces sector. Iconic White has been created to provide greater luminosity and clarity to the most demanding spaces.

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Other alternatives offered by the brand with white finished are Silestone® Blanco Norte, a highly popular option on the market, and Silestone® White Storm. Both shades present a finish with tiny, elegant flecks of grey. This range of possibilities is completed with the Silestone® colour Blanco Maple, mottled with tiny flecks of quartz and glass, creating subtle and attractive flashes of light.

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Different only in composition, all of these provide, to a greater or lesser degree, a white finish based on light, spaciousness, purity and openness. Beauty and quality go hand in hand in these, and all the brand’s proposed colours, as they have unbeatable technical properties that only a brand such as Silestone® can guarantee: low absorbency of liquids and high resistance to staining, breaking and scratching.

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